Tuesday, 30 September 2014

{Homemade gifts} A jar full of superhero gratitude

We are so fortunate to have incredibly creative and generous friends, so many of them helped in so many ways with our wedding. From helping with my numerous craft projects, to DJ'ing on the night, we really couldn't have done it without their help. Having our friends and family involved in the process was really important to me and made the whole experience so much more special.

We wanted to say thank you the best way we know how, with a handmade, personalised gift which they'd be able to keep, to remind them of the fun we've had this year. Not just on the day of the wedding, but at the supersten do and during all the preparations.

After making our superhero themed cake topper, I thought embracing the same idea for the presents would be a good way to keep to one present, rather than finding different gifts for different people (that sounded like a very complicated and time consuming task!).

So, I printed out the photos of our best men (yes, we had two), groomsmaid, bridesmaids, DJ's, dressmaker extraordinaire and a few more, in their fantastic supersten costumes and painted a whole army of superhero wooden peg dolls to match.

Using exactly the same process as when I made our super cake toppers, I spent two evenings painting all our characters.

I started with my brother, Tony Stark and my sister-in-law (and bridesmaid) Batgirl...

The Monarch and Dr Girlfriend AKA our fantastic dress designer Shell and her guy Frenchie.

Our Best Man Pete, made a fantastic Kick Ass and his girlfriend Kate was the most perfect Hit Girl.

Our fabulous DJ's Disco Ben and his seriously glamorous girl Laura made their  own costumes for the supersten,

Our other DJ Nick, who made an excellent Penfold and his adorable sidekick Helen who came as Dangermouse - a personal favourite from my childhood! 

Alex, our other best man got into character as Professor X - even hiring a wheelchair for the weekend - and his girlfriend Katie who made a very foxy Rogue indeed.

My chief bridesmaid Kaz came as Supergirl and her man Sam was a hilarious Batman.

Dave's sister Jo was our groomsmaid, she came as Claire Bennet from Heroes in full on cheerleader mode.

And last but not least, my gorgeous best friend and bridesmaid, Jess, who sadly coldn't join in with the costume fun as she needed to get home to her boys on the second night of our supersten weekend. I made her an honourary Supermummy costume figure.

All grouped together, they did look pretty cool.

I desparately want to do some stop frame animation of the dancing at the supersten, but wedding time pressures wouldn't allow - I'll have to try that in the future instead.

To hold them I used a glass jar from Ikea, slightly trimmed down some cork coasters to fit inside as the bottom of the jar was domed. Using hot glue I stuck the coaster in place and then glued the figures down on to the cork.

A small thank you tag and yellow ribbon on the clasp finished them off nicely.

They looked really cool when we set them up on the tables at the venue.

But what I enjoyed most of all was seeing people's photographs of their gifts on facebook, twitter and instagram the next day.
Photo credit: Jo Thornber

 Photo credit: Helen Foote

 Photo credit: Jo Kiely

 Photo credit: Katie Cockburn-Smith

 Photo credit: Nick Hall

Photo credit: Shell Barton

It was a really nice reminder of the fun we had at the sten, if you want to see more photos of us all in costume, go back to my previous post here.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

The one and only supersten at Hamps Hall {part 2}

So if you didn't see my last post on the first part of our awesome super sten do, click back a second.

Here's super sten part 2...

After an amazing first night at Hamps Hall, our groups combined for a Saturday of awesome superhero madness. If you've ever wondered what a party would be like at Superman's house, you're about to find out.

Photo credit: Dan Sterry

As far as my posts go, even for me this is pretty photo heavy, but believe me it's worth it! My friends never cease to amaze me with their creativity and enthusiasm. This weekend they took it to a whole new level.

No one worried about the fate of the planet, we all just took time off from our usual responsibilities and had an absolutely EPIC night.

Disco Ben even picked a song and choreographed a special dance for us all to learn, he played it at the wedding too and got the whole crowd on the dancefloor.

 Play fighting absolutely essential
 Storm and Gambit make a gorgeous couple!

 Captain America made his shield from a metal bin lid, hammered it into the right shape and then spray painted the design - that is some serious metalwork skills!
 My best girls, Jo and Kaz did so much to ensure this was the best weekend ever! I'll be eternally grateful.
My wedding dress was incredibly made by our lovely friend Shell, seen here as Dr Girlfriend with her guy Frenchie who came as The Monarch. She made both of these costumes herself along with a few others!
 Everyone needs as ironing board as a bar!
DJ Disco Ben and his glamorous La Freaka girl Laura were on brilliant form. We started the party outside in the garden but when the rain started falling we used the converted barn as our dancefloor and moved the party inside.
Our amazing friend Aysha who was heavily pregant made her own Pregna Girl costume, we were so touched that she made the journey across to celebrate with us. She even made it to the wedding with tiny baby Oliver too, a true friend.
Alex hired a wheelchair especially for his Professor X costume and was pushed around by Rogue for the earlier part of the evening.
Spiderman, who took his character very seriously and Hindsight Lad Edd who's homemade costume was just amazing.
Would you believe my brother actually made his own arc reactor especially for his Tony Stark costume?!
 Cheetara and Captain Battle were on top form.
 Power up!
 My clapperboard was a fun prop, you can find them on Amazon.

Our amazing friends even presented us with two customer Superman and Wonder Woman prints for our home and a superhero encyclopedia signed by everyone. We were speechless!


It was such an incredible weekend and fortunately our hangovers weren't too bad. 
Now I just need to find out how to make a superhero party happen every year.

What has been your favourite costume party?