Thursday, 14 April 2011

Give us a Royal wave!

If you've been wondering what crazy party favours you can make with small children for your Royal Wedding parties then look no further!

Miya-bear and I have had loads of fun tonight creating these funky hand party favours, complete with sparkly rings! These would be perfect for a street party or picnic, great fun to make and relaly easy all you need is:

A selection of sweets, popcorn etc - you could create coloured themes to these too!
Some clear plastic gloves *nothing with powder inside / latex etc
A variety of ribbons in different colours
A small piece of foil
Stick on jewels
Sticky tape

Start by tipping all your goodies in to a big bowl (would recommend doing this after kids have had lunch, it's too tempting!) and mix them around
 Take each glove and carefully fill up with the sweetie mixture, be gentle as the gloves tear quite easily (little children might need a hand with this, navigating the sweets in to the finger)
Once full, tie the top with a few ribbons
 Fold a strip of foil to make a long thin piece and tie around the wedding finger of the glove, securing underneath with a piece of tape
Add crystals to the foil ring

These work really well for Halloween too, perfect spooky party favours when filled with scary haribo, to make them a little more healthy, add more popcorn and less sweets, you could also use mini marshmallows, or mini biscuits.

Yummy! I'm off to sample one of our creations now, hope you like these - leave me a comment or a link to your own Royal Wedding craft!


  1. You are just too funny!!!! :-)))))

    Love it!


  2. Brilliant..... Brilliant brilliant brilliant, I think Clarence house may commission these for the royal procession!!!

    Can you think of any ideas for The popsicles 1st birthday party, and can Aunty Janie be in charge of cakes?!?!?! X

  3. this is sooo great I am gonna use this idea when the kids go to another school this summer!!!! Then they can wave the other class mates with this candy filled hand!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone, this was great fun - make sure you check out all the other craft goings on at Red Ted Art!


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