Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wind In The Willows - our AMAZING visit to The Lowry!

We were lucky enough to go and see Alan Bennett's adaptation of the Wind In The Willows at The Lowry last weekend, it is probably the book I remember most from my childhood - my Grandad used to read it to me while I fell asleep, always the same book, he'd just keep reading until I nodded off. It was our story and I've always treasured that time together. Now my Mum and Miya share the story of Rat, Moley, Badger and Toad, they love listening to the story on CD in the car so when my Mum found out that it was coming to The Lowry she booked tickets straight away.
Miya was so excited for her visit to the theatre, as you can see!

The stage was beautiful, a simple set moved seemlessly and it was amazing to see all the cast members themselves creating the music. The acting was amazing, Miya's all-time favourite character is Albert the horse, who was played by Jason Furnival and was absolutely perfect. All of the characters were played very true to the original story, which I was thrilled with. It was so nice to see the story brought to life at last. It was more than worth the cost of a ticket and if you have the time before January the 14th you should certainly go to The Lowry to see this absolute classic.

Believe me my young friend, there is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
Miya's favourite, Albert the horse

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